Redpoint Construction Management (Redpoint) is a Pacific Northwest-based client services firm specializing in construction management, owner’s representation and project management. Redpoint was created to cater to public and private owners, entities and developers seeking specialization in construction management and owner’s representation throughout the Pacific Northwest.


Redpoint is made up of a team who’s background is from General Contracting and Real Estate Development. This means we understand the needs of all the various parties involved in the process; Clients, Contractors, Designers and we have the ability to facilitate a means of delivery that’s on time and on budget. We understand that each project is unique and we consider the entire process so that the most cost effective product can be delivered in the most efficient time.


Ultimately, partnering with our clients to help them achieve their goals is our #1 objective.

Mission Statement

Provide high-quality owner’s representation, construction management, and project management on projects that are focused on building positive and engaging places and communities to live and work.

Vision Statement

Be a leading client services firm with a reputation for delivering quality managed construction projects in the Pacific Northwest.